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Clear instructions and insights on how to take our products

Can your supplements be taken together?

Absolutely! We have designed our products to be taken together and have little concern about overdoing it or nutrient overdose. Most of our clients experience prominent benefits when consuming anywhere from 1/2 dosage (or less) to 3 or even 4 full se

How can I properly use these supplements?

We generally suggest a dose of six capsules of each supplement per day. This is a starting point; the amount can be doubled or tripled for added support. While some will also choose to include as little as half the suggested dosage (or less) and stil

Why is the dosage six capsules?

Our supplements are not synthetically derived and hyper-concentrated like traditional supplements. They are freeze-dried food put in a capsule for convenient consumption. One serving of our organ meat capsules contains the nutrient equivalent of abou

How many ounces of organs should I include per day?

In most cases, Dr. Paul suggests 1-3 ounces of organs per day (around 0.5-1 ounce coming from liver).

Will the supplements break my fast?

Technically, any number of calories will break a fast, but that's not necessarily an issue. While most believe that fasting works like an on-or-off switch, we disagree. Instead, we think that it works more like a dimming switch. This means when you d

Can athletes take these supplements?

This article explains our Informed Sport Certification and how it impacts athletes.