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Are your supplements organic and free from GMOs?

Our supplements are sourced from grass-fed, grass-finished cows raised on regenerative farms in New Zealand that are not given antibiotics, hormones, or any GMO feed. In addition to being non-GMO and free of antibiotics, none of our supplements have

Are the capsules kosher or halal?

We do not have any supplements that are certified kosher at this time. The capsule contents of our supplements are certified Halal, excluding two products that contain bovine blood: Whole Package and Lifeblood. While we have a certificate of analysis

Where are the nutrient profiles?

Our products contain much more than the standard vitamins and minerals profiled in typical supplements. Each organ in our products contains unique amino acids, growth factors, and peptides that won't be found in synthetically derived alternatives. Th

What is the macronutrient content of these supplements?

Each serving (six capsules) of our organ supplements has about  2 grams of protein, negligible carbs and fat (less than half a gram each), and about 15 calories. The three exceptions are Bone Marrow & Liver, Skin, Hair & Nails, and Mood, Memory & Bra

How does 1 ounce of organs equate to 3g of organs found in our products?

Many people wind up being a little confused by the idea that 3g of powdered materials can roughly equal 1 oz of organs—and it doesn't make any sense until you account for a MASSIVE reduction in the weight of the organs due to the freeze-drying proces

Are the supplements better than fresh organs?

From what we can measure, desiccated organ meats are just as potent and nutrient-rich as fresh ones. Based on our research, the freeze-drying process serves to preserve the nutrients found in organ meats rather than destroy them. We always advocate f

What are the capsules made of?

Our supplements are made using 100% bovine gelatin.

How large are the capsules?

Our pill size is #00, which holds 500mg of our product per capsule. This allows us to get about one ounce of our fresh, nutrient-dense, freeze-dried organs into a single serving to support your health and vitality. If these larger-sized pills are an

How does H&S differ from traditional multivitamins?

The vitamins, minerals, peptides, growth factors, and other signaling molecules found in our organ products are in the exact, bioidentical form the human body uses, leading to better absorption and utilization within human physiology (more bioavailab