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How large are the capsules?Updated a year ago

Our pill size is #00, which holds 500mg of our product per capsule. This allows us to get about one ounce of our fresh, nutrient-dense, freeze-dried organs into a single serving to support your health and vitality.

If these larger-sized pills are an issue, we suggest the following:

1. Make sure to thoroughly wet the capsules in your mouth before trying to swallow them. Try swishing the capsules and water around in your mouth for 5-10 seconds to coat the capsules thoroughly. This will lubricate them and keep the capsules from catching in your throat. In addition, only trying to swallow one at a time will help here!

2. Alternatively, you can soak the capsules in water for 5 minutes or so before swallowing. This makes them ultra slippery!

3. You can open the capsules and sprinkle them on your (already cooked) meal! This is a quick trick we give to customers who experience struggles with swallowing capsules. Remember to add them after cooking to avoid damaging the nutrients.

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