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How does H&S differ from traditional multivitamins?Updated a year ago

The vitamins, minerals, peptides, growth factors, and other signaling molecules found in our organ products are in the exact, bioidentical form the human body uses, leading to better absorption and utilization within human physiology (more bioavailable). The chemical structure that makes up the B vitamins in our products is the exact enantiomer (another way to say structure/form of a molecule) that occurs in our body. This isn't the case with standard multivitamins, which contain a synthetic mix of B Vitamin enantiomers.

Beyond the vitamins and minerals, we must consider the peptides and other signaling molecules used by our body's immune system, which manifests growth, repair, and development. These are not found in the standard "multivitamin" purchased from the store.

Getting our nutrients from animal meat and organs is what our ancestors have always done and work much better from a biological blueprint perspective.

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