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Product Safety

Essential details about our testing processes, quality, and safe usage.

Can kids use them? If so, what dosage?

We believe nose-to-tail organ meat is safe and incredibly valuable for kids of all ages, even toddlers. Eating organ meats is fine as soon as kids have their first solid foods, as they would have evolutionarily!. It's generally best to start with a d

What is the shelf life, and do they have to be refrigerated?

Our supplements are desiccated and free of moisture, which means the shelf life of our supplements is very, very long. You can find an "expiration" date on each bottle's bottom. There's no need to refrigerate them; they'll be fine kept in a dry, room

Can I travel by plane with the supplements?

Yes! Many of our customers travel both domestically and internationally with our supplements.

Are your products tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes?

High-quality, contaminant-free products are fundamental to our mission here at Heart & Soil. Because of this, we send samples of both the freeze-dried organs and gelatin capsules to be tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes. You can find c